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Voiceover-Momentum Mini Master Class

Voiceover coach Julie Williams hosts Charlene Fontaine for a crash course on fine-tuning your voice for healthy communication and performance. The information covered is applicable for voice actors, singers, and anyone who wants to have their voice in top form.

I learned how important establishing clear and consistent intentions are to obtaining clear and consistent results as a voice actor. I also learned how important it is to integrate your outer self with your inner self with that of the character you choose to portray in a given script to achieve a consistent, realistic, and believable portrayal of that character. Finally, I learned why I don’t drink coffee, and why drinking chicory is a better choice.

George I. Tsiros

There is a global epidemic that injures 64-75 million people each year.

It is the “signature wound” of the United States military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It robs our society, families and individuals of connections, culture and meaningful contributions of creativity and innovation.

      • Do you ever feel like your insides and outsides don’t match?
      • Having trouble saying what you’re thinking?
      • Does it feel like something isn’t connected?
      • Or there’s a neuro-storm inside your brain?

This is TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury.

TBI strikes every few minutes somewhere in the USA
at a cost of $48.3 Billion each year.

Fontaine Wellness is all about your brain and TBI. Our programs focus on key aspects of wellness, regeneration, recalibration and creating a new Self.


Our Programs:

(Plesase call 760-715-3344 for more information)

Beyond TBI

  • Prevention of accidents

  • Protection of your precious brain

  • Nourishment of brain, body, and Soul

  • Education of body systems

  • Coping strategies

  • Life Plan for Success

Stability Balance

  • Addresses the body’s sensory systems

  • Helps to restore balance between the vestibular system and the body

Charlene Fontaine is a TBI Thriverâ„¢. She has Thrived through 2 TBIs and five concussions and has experienced the blessings and horrors of all types of losses associated with the silent epidemic. From all of this she mentors others to Thrive Forward! To learn more see www.CharleneFontaine.com